I started my public law enforcement career with the Columbia Illinois Police Department in May 1979 and completed the police academy in October 1979.

My duties with the police department included Patrol Officer and Assistant Juvenile Officer. My additional duties included being a member of the Monroe County Joint Emergency Response Team and an EMT with the Columbia Emergency Medical Service.

In June 1983, I left the Columbia Police Department and accepted a position as a Deputy Sheriff with the Monroe County Illinois Sheriffs Department. I continued my additional duties with the Emergency Response Team, plus I was the department's firearms instructor.

After 6 years and promotion to Sergeant, I left the department in 1989 to accept a position as a Special Agent with Business Risk International.

In a 16 month period, I conducted 4 successful covert narcotics investigations. I held commissions as a sworn law enforcement officer with the following agencies: Los Angeles County (CA) Sheriff’s Office, Franklin County (OH) Sheriff’s Office, Jefferson County (TX) Sheriff’s Office, and the Defiance County (OH) Sheriff’s Office. Unfortunately, in late 1990, the program I was assigned to lost its federal funding and my position was eliminated.